Radiation Free Headset


Radiation free air tube headsets for cell phones that block 98% of the dangerous radiation emitted from your mobile device. Echotubez air tube headsets have no metal wiring  therefore they do not conduct any electromagnetic fields to vulnerable areas of the body such as the ear canal and head.

  Blocks 98% of mobile
    Radiation from cell phones
 No Metal conductor
 Patented Technology
 Rich stereo acoustic sound
 Compatible with all major
     3.5mm pin mobile devices

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  • Radiation relief air tube headset products for cell phones
  • Radiation Free Air Tube Headset Stereo Silicon Earbuds
Radiation blocker air tube headset
EchoTubeZ Radiation Free Air-Tube Headset
EchoTubeZ® by Smart&Safe® radiation free by up to 98%

$49.00 $39.00

Extra Info

  • Products SKU : 8006
  • Warranty : One Year


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