Microsafe™ Blue


Anti-Radiation Microwave cover

MicroSafe™ is an awesome new and innovative solution brought to you by Smart&Safe® as part of our effort in making your house and life safer.
MicroSafe™ blocks 60-70% of the dangerous radio frequency radiation and extreme low frequency radiation emitted from you microwave when in operation. MicroSafe™ sticks to the door of the microwave by two sided adhesive magnets and is very simple to install. Made of non-toxic metals, very light weight.
Comes in Ocean blue for calm cooking free of radiation.
MicroSafe™ comes in two universal sizes:
Large – Long 36cm (14.5 inches)
Height 23.5cm (9.5 inches)
Small – Long 30cm (12 inches)
Height – 19.5cm (7.5 inches)

  • Protective cover shield for home microwaves



Extra Info

  • Products SKU : 8202
  • Warranty : 3 Months


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